Custom Software

Custom Software and Databases

Cone brings the background of a CPA to programming and software development that fills a critical gap in many software projects and in disputes involving software and databases. Many programers and database administrators do not fully understand the accounting, business and data integrity issues that are involved in the software project. At the same time many professionals and business people do not understand all the issues surrounding designing and populating databases or developing and programming software. Cone fills the gap between professionals and database and software developers.

Is your current software meeting your critical need?

Commercial software is developed to meet the general needs of the its target market. Do you have critical needs not met by your current software. Cone can help you find an answer to meet your needs. Both by helping you evaluate other commercial software or developing custom software that meets your specific needs.

The advantage of custom, tailor-made software is that you will be able to have a system that meets your specific needs and can be surprisingly cost effective in terms of competitiveness, making critical business decisions and long-term productivity.

Cone develops software and provides business data exactly the way you want it.

Do you want to improve productivity with automated software

Cone Consulting can help you automate routine tasks with customized software that saves you money, enhances productivity and reduces errors. Find out how automation can improve employee morale and how your company can serve clients and customers more effectively through software automation.