Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Imagine going into court, mediation or a conference room confident you’ve got what it takes to resolve the accounting dispute facing you. With key data at your fingertips and strategic accounting issues identified. You have the analysis, research and resolution in your briefcase because you’re working with a Forensic CPA who has 20 years’ experience finding the facts and deciphering the story that explains the facts to both legal team and as an expert witness.

Facing a dispute involving accounting and database information? Chances are you’ll need a comprehensive view of the data files. Cone Consulting Group has the command of accounting, databases, data files and business experience to analyze and interpret data and identify what is often not readily apparent. Let Cone Consulting mine the company’s accounting records and electronic data files for information that can provide unexpected knowledge and hidden gems relevant to the disputed issues.

Cone comprehends the mysterious language of accounting and business data and gets to the most intimate details about a company using his expertise, experience and custom-designed software tools. When you work with Cone Consulting, you’ll have the necessary accounting and data information your legal or management team needs.

Faced with E-Discovery issues?

Not sure how to ask for or deliver the right amount of accounting and electronic business data? Let Cone Consulting identify information you cannot afford to withhold and information you cannot afford to be without. This can be one of the best ways you can save time and money.

Need help in strategizing E-discovery? Worried about cost effectiveness when getting or delivering the right amount of electronic data? Rightfully so. E-Discovery can dramatically impact the cost and outcome of your case. With Cone Consulting Group, you have a pro to guide you right the first time through. With Cone’s business background and understanding of metadata and data files, you have a Forensic CPA who knows how to fully explain the world of E-Discovery.

Cone also can serves as a liaison between your team and technology professionals concerned with E-Discovery. Now you can have an expert on your side when it comes to interviewing, deposing, cross-examining, and interviewing technology professionals

Proven expertise:

  • Strategic case advice
  • E-Discovery issues
  • Accounting and Business data investigation and interpretation
  • Mitigation and “What If” analysis
  • Evaluating and Developing Damage claim
  • Expert testimony