Data Analysis

Cone Consulting offers you data expertise to convert, consolidate and put data at your fingertips.

Whether it’s to resolve a dispute or save thousands of dollars working more efficiently, access and understand your data to be more efficient and make wise business decisions.

Data Mining

Cone can organize and develop tools to mine your data to find answers to your questions buried in the data.  He has years of experience making complex data accessible in easy intuitive ways using the latest in software and analysis tools.

Data Reporting

He can transform your data into concise, meaningful reports you can use.    Reporting on complex data can be particularly challenging but Cone has demonstrated creative ways to report on data to provide insight and clarity as to what the data means.

Data Transformation and Migration

On numerous matters, Cone has migrated data from one software system to another.  After migrating data it usually needs to be transformed and manipulated to match the requirements of the company or matter.  Cone is an expert at standardizing and ‘normalizing’ data to efficiently store and work with data.  Cone’s programming expertise can make these migrations and transformations more efficient and accurate.


Do you want to know information about your data.  For example, do you need to know the date a QuickBooks entry was created or the date an Excel file was created.  Then you need to get at the metadata embedded inside data files.  Cone has the knowledge and expertise to get at the metadata and help you understand the data more comprehensively than anybody else.

Organizing non-electronic data

Dread the task of converting paper files into electronic data files?   Using scanning, OCR-technology, data entry systems and offshore data entry technology, you’ll have what you need at a price you can afford using the Cone Consulting conversion system.  Now it’s possible to consolidate the data you need to run your operation smoothly and make better decision quickly.  Call today to see how much easier it can be.